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Annual Salary System + Gateway to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area! Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, A Double-Tops University Is Recruiting Overseas Talents





I. University Profiles

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GZUCM) is one of the first batch of universities included in China’s “Double First-Class” Project. It is also a key university for the development of high-level education in Guangdong Province, and a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) university co-constructed by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, the Ministry of Education, and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The university presently operates across two campuses located in the Higher Education Mega Center and Sanyuanli, covering a total area of 80.3 hectares. Currently, GZUCM boasts an impressive array of scholars and professors, including Academician Liu Liang from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Medical Masters Xuan Guowei, Zhou Daihan, and Lin Yi, as well as well-known figures recognized as the Qihuang Scholars, National Distinguished Young Scientists, and chief scientists of the prestigious National “973 Program.” GZUCM is home to 13,530 staff members, including 1,358 on campus and 12,172 at affiliated hospitals.

The discipline of Chinese Medicine is recognized as a national “Double First-Class” discipline and a national key discipline. The university houses 6 key disciplines for the construction of high-level universities in Guangdong Provinceand 25 key disciplines recognized by the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Furthermore, there are 7 of its disciplines, including Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry, Agronomy, Molecular Biology and Genetics, as well as Neuroscience and Behavior, all rank among the top 1% of ESI rankings. The university has 3 postdoctoral research stations (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, and Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine). The medical service strength ranks first nationwide, served by 3 directly affiliated hospitals, including Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and 6 government co-constructed hospitals, as well as 30 non-directly affiliated hospitals. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, well-equipped by high quality education, living, medical care, childrens enrollment facilities, the university is committed to creating a campus that is suitable for learning, teaching, living, and enjoying.

GZUCM attaches great importance to talent work and has gathered a large number of outstanding talents at home and abroad through the implementation of "Xinglin Talent Program", making remarkable contributions to the development of the university. In order to further promote the construction of first-class disciplines and high-level university, we sincerely invite overseas talents to join us. Our university will provide you with a broad platform for career development.



II. Research Platform Introduction

GZUCM has well-equipped laboratories and scientific research bases. It possesses national key laboratories in Chinese medicine including  “National Key Laboratory for Syndromes of Chinese Medicine” and “National Key Laboratory for Dampness Syndrome in Chinese Medicine Jointly Constructed by the Provincial and Ministry-Level” and other 8 national-level scientific research platforms. Furthermore, the university has established 51 provincial and ministerial-level research platforms including the “Key Laboratory for Lingnan Chinese Medicine Resources under the Ministry of Education”. In recent years, it has made great efforts to build and improve major platforms for scientific research and innovation. The experimental facilities and office environment have reached or exceeded the level in Europe and America.





III.  Requirements of Recruitment

1. Recruitment majors: We are seeking professionals in the fields of medicine (including Traditional Chinese Medicine), Pharmacy (including Science of Chinese Materia Medica), Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Acupuncture and Rehabilitation, Basic Medical Sciences, Life Sciences, and other natural science disciplines related to our university's offered programs.

2. Recruitment scope: Candidates should hold the position of associate professor or above, or equivalent, at renowned overseas universities or research institutions. Otherwise, they should have a minimum of three-year working experience abroad, or be recent doctoral graduates from overseas universities.

3. Working mode: Once employed, full-time work at GZUCM with a three-year work cycle is required.








IV. Types and Conditions of Recruitment

Full-time Recruitment: Xinglin Top Scholars, Xinglin Leading Scholars, Xinglin Outstanding Scholars, and Xinglin Young Scholars. Specific appointment requirements are as follow:

1. Xinglin Top Scholars: To attain internationally renowned accomplishments in the areas of scientific research or education, and to exert substantial influence both domestically and globally.

2. Xinglin Leading Scholars: In principle, individuals under the age of 50 who have widely recognized research capabilities or educational and teaching levels both domestically and internationally, as well as outstanding academic and scientific achievements in recent years, and hold a prominent position within the industry of TCM.

3. Xinglin Outstanding Scholars: In principle, individuals under the age of 45 who have gained widespread recognition for their research capabilities or educational teaching level both domestically and internationally, and have achieved remarkable academic research results in recent years with significant influence in the field of TCM.

4. Xinglin Young Scholars: In principle, individuals under the age of 40 with strong research capabilities or high levels of education and teaching proficiency, who have achieved certain academic and scientific research results in recent years, and possess specific expertise in TCM.

Other individuals who possess academic expertise at or above the corresponding levels, and are considered elite professionals in their respective industries (fields).







V. Remuneration and Related Supporting Policies

1. Xinglin Top Scholars: Offering attractive remuneration and benefits, details to be discussed in person.

2. Xinglin Leading Scholars: Annual salary of 1-1.5 million RMB, settling-in allowance of 600,000 RMB, house purchase fund of 1.5 million RMB (with proof of property purchase in Guangzhou or its surrounding areas) or provision of relocation housing or housing subsidy, research support funding ranging from 3-5 million RMB.

3. Xinglin Outstanding Scholars: Annual salary of 600,000 to 900,000 RMB, settling-in allowance of 500,000 RMB, house purchase fund of 1 million RMB (with proof of property purchase in Guangzhou or its surrounding areas) or provision of relocation housing or housing subsidy, research support funding ranging from 1 - 3 million RMB.

4. Xinglin Young Scholars: Annual salary ranges from 250,000 to 500,000 RMB, settling-in allowance of 200,000 RMB, house purchase fund of 500,000 RMB (with proof of property purchase in Guangzhou or its surrounding areas) or provision of relocation housing or housing subsidy, research funding support ranges from 300,000 to 1.5 million RMB.

In addition, the university will give priority to recommending applications for various talent programs in Guangdong Province and at the national level. Specific details can be negotiable.



VI. Applying Flow

Qualified and interested candidates are requested to send their resumes to the contact email. The university will respond promptly and follow up on subsequent application matters. Applicants who meet the requirements should sign a work contract or letter of intent with GZUCM.



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VII. Contact Information

Address: (Room 917) Human Resources Office of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, No. 232 Waihuan Eastern Road, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

Postcode: 510006    Contact: Ms. Chen

Tel: 86-20-39358219 E-mail: rcb@gzucm.edu.cn